About Ephraim Wisconsin

Years ago hardy mid-19th century pioneers settled on the shores of Eagle Harbor—one of Lake Michigan's most spectacular natural settings. They named their new settlement Ephraim. More than 150 years later, the village looks much the same. Ephraim delights the eye with water views and the elegantly simple white-frame architecture of its pioneer founders. The village is home to country-style restaurants, casual coffee bars, the famous Wilson's Ice Cream Store, and a variety of small shops selling gifts made by local artisans. Peninsula State Park lies on the nearby bluffs. Sister Bay is a short drive to the north along the water's edge. As a vacation destination Ephraim offers outdoor activities from swimming and boating to cross-country skiing and snow sports. Experience Ephraim in every season: take part in Fyr Bal, a Swedish festival celebrating the end of winter; enjoy the waters of Eagle Harbor as they sparkle in the summer sunshine; view the colors of fall when autumn leaves paint the bluffs; and reflect in the quiet solitude of winter. Make Ephraim—the village of all seasons—your vacation destination.

Lodgings at Pioneer Lane: 800.588.3565 | 920.854.7656 l 9998 Pioneer Lane, Ephraim WI 54211

View of the Hardy Gallery, Ephraim, Wisconsin
Hardy Gallery, Ephraim, Wisconsin © 2010 Kathleen Thorne-Thomsen