Left: Bunchberry; Middle: Entrance to the Gift Box Suite; Right: Dew-covered spiderwebs.

Early summer brings a continual parade of wild and cultivated floral wonders to the Door County woods, meadows, and gardens. As the weather warms magnificent blooms fade seamlessly one to another. Wildlife is again on the move. Last week a UPS driver thought it prudent to wait for a sizable very slow snapping turtle to cross the road rather than hurry it along with a stick. (Snapping turtles have been known to snap right through a stout stick.) We are looking forward to the 52nd annual Fyr Bal Festival in Ephraim. Fry Bal celebrates the banishment of winter with the lighting of huge bonfires that symbolically chase away the "winter witch" and bid welcome to Midsummer's Eve—the Summer Solstice. The spacious Sea Chest Suite—complete with a recently added fireplace and a sparkling new full kitchen—is ready to enhance your vacation with your home-cooked meals created from lovely locally grown ingredients from Door County farms and markets. The newest addition to our Ephraim neighborhood, the Door County Coffee Lab and Isley Coffee Roasters, will open at the end of June. We can hardly wait to enjoy their delicious iced coffee brewed in a kegerator. Our neighboring restaurant has opened for the summer season. The Chef's Hat offers an exceptional menu created with local flavors and foods.

Our summer resident birds are busy building nests and raising families. A patient observation of a nest is sure to bring a sighting of busy parents tending to their hungry young. As our fragrant roadside lilacs fade, they are replaced by masses of field daises, wild flax, and coreopsis that may be enjoyed by taking a drive along the county's two lane back roads. When passing through the peninsula's villages, be on the lookout for massive displays of bridal wreath, mock orange, and peonys. If you choose a wildflower hike, you might be treated to sightings of trillium, star flowers, foamflower, lady slipper's, wild violets, bunchberry, Solomon's seal and Labrador tea. An early morning walk through a misty meadow is bound to offer sightings of dew-coated spider webs. If you look carefully in the brown leaf mold underfoot you might be treated to a brief encounter with a tiny brown toad or a salamander. Or you might discover large patches of fragrant lilies of the valley planted by Door County's early settlers soon to be supplanted by the wild sweet pea. (There is a colorful legend of how this Scottish plant came to Door County. Be sure to ask us.)

Door County abounds in parks—state, county, village and town. All are excellent places to observe summer flowers. The county is home to the Ridges Sanctuary, a 1,600-acre wildflower preserve and bird area in Baileys Harbor and to the Open Door Bird Sanctuary in Jacksonport where owls and raptors are featured birds. You can join in on fun activities by checking the monthly calendar for these sites.

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¶ We all look forward to greeting you in Ephraim this summer.