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Can anyone identify this author for us?

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We are looking for the author of this lovely reflection on Ephraim. Does anyone recognize the author? We would love your help in tracking down the author or publisher. 

Please enjoy the piece.

I could map out the entire county, illustrating by word my favorite views. The places I need to go, to see and feel again for whatever reasons. The sculptural powers of water at Cave Point, the force of wind and water off lake Michigan on the peninsula’s eastern shore… borders on a religious experience, if you’re there at the right time. But better to seek and find your own wild and holy places here, blessed by water.

The first of the two great views every traveler comes across, carries with him forever, is certainly the sight of Ephraim coming down the hill, down HWY 42, around the shoreline, along the beach, coming into the “Little White Village” itself… church steeples, Wilson’s, the village hall… radiating such history and beauty. The water’s mark… Eagle Harbor, Eagle Bluff, Horseshoe Island… all the way to old Anderson Dock. Breathtaking… day and night. Spring, summer, winter, fall. The one village on the entire peninsula that will never let you go.