Map to Lodgings at Pioneer Lane
Detail map of Ephraim showing entrance to The Lodgings

Traveling north on Highway 42, after you enter Ephraim, turn into the lane to the left of Wilson's Ice Cream. This is Pioneer Lane and it is marked on the map. The entrance to the Lodgings will be on your right after you pass the Village Hall. If you approach traveling south on Highway 42, turn left on Church Street and then turn right on the first lane. This lane runs between the Chef's Hat Cafe and the Church Street Market building—indicated in medium orange on the map. Approaching from either direction, you will see the entrance to the Lodgings (two building indicated in dark orange) marked with a large gateway. Drive in and park. The office is marked with a sign.

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9998 Pioneer Lane (P.O. Box 275) Ephraim WI 54211