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We have some catching up to do!

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A lot of fun and exciting things have been happening in our neighborhood – we have some new faces, so we thought we would take the opportunity to refresh our website and introduce them to you, but also remind you of those you might remember from our earliest days!

Our vibrant little enclave of Ephraim has gotten even more vibrant, yet still maintaining your peace and quiet when you tuck in at night. Steps away from your front door is the Ephraim Coffee Lab, where you can start your day with a cup of freshly roasted and brewed coffee. Wander over to K.B. Miller Apparel or Milworks and find elegant women’s clothing or cutting edge men’s clothing. P.K.J Designs is still nestled into the neighborhood, producing beautiful handcrafted jewelry and furniture. Finally, end your day with one of the most delicious and picturesque meals in all of Door County from Trixie’s Food and Wine.

We hope to stay in touch and create informative Blogs that will help you learn more about the Door County we love, so you can plan the best getaway possible.

Talk soon!

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