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Welcome to 2021!

The year of 2020 brought some unimaginable challenges for everyone. We all learned, rather quickly, new normals we needed to adopt, we reacquainted ourselves with resiliency, and we banded together to make the best of a difficult situation. However, from our perspective, there were also some bright spots during a turbulent year. The Mulliken Family officially took over as sole owners of The Lodgings at Pioneer Lane and a new management team has been put in place! For the past 20 years, Alicia has warmly welcomed guests from all over the world and Hugh has put his 50+ years of home design and construction work to use around the Lodgings complex. Although you might still see Hugh and Alicia’s faces from time to time, we’d like to introduce the new management team: Carly Mulliken and Hollace Alspach, Alicia and Hugh’s daughters!

We are thrilled to keep the business within the family. We feel it gives us the opportunity to continue serving our guests the best way we know how, but also allow us to implement new changes with a fresh perspective. 

Something that the trials of 2020 afforded us was the opportunity to assess our daily operations. As scientists around the world continued to learn more about the COVID-19 virus, the question of how it spread was top of mind. By the time we opened our doors May 2020, it was thought that the virus could spread through high touch surfaces, as well as respiratory transmission. We used extreme caution and ultimately did not offer daily room refreshes, unless it was requested. We felt minimum contact was best, even though we missed our guests. We also removed high touch items from the rooms, to include the coffee maker, for extra caution. 

Heading into our 2021 season, we’re again taking the opportunity to reassess our daily operations in the COVID era. While sanitizing high touch surfaces has always, and will always be top of mind, with COVID-19 primarily spreading through respiratory means, we feel good about putting coffeemakers back into our rooms (hooray!), along with our flatware and dishes. We have also decided to resume daily room refreshes because we feel confident in our ability to wear masks properly and at all times. 

But, for those guests who still want to keep us out due to COVID concerns, or who just don’t feel a room refresh is necessary, we are excited to announce we will be providing new room door tags. Simply place the placard on your door before you head out to indicate whether you’d like service or not. We also feel it necessary to mention that due to the aforementioned reinstatement of services, we are discontinuing the COVID discount for our 2021 season.

As a small business, we thank you for your continued support. Our hearts are full that we have made it through a tough 2020 season and are here to serve you in 2021. We look forward to hosting you and ensuring your time at the Lodgings allows you the opportunity to rest and recharge, something which is so critical, particularly now. 

Stay warm, stay safe, stay well!

Carly and Hollace