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Welcome to our 20th season!

We hope that you all had a happy and healthy Memorial Day! This week marks the opening of our 20th season, and what a different start to a season it is! However, that doesn’t change how excited we are to start welcoming back our guests to the Lodgings. As businesses around the County, ourselves included, busy themselves with best ways to adjust to the “new normal,” we’re taking a moment to be grateful. We’re grateful for: the health of our family and we hope yours, for living in a place that offers a tranquil escape from some harsh realities we’re all facing, and that our little business is uniquely poised to serve you safely. 

One of our family mottos has always been “quality over quantity.” So when we started the Lodgings back in 2000, it is no wonder we started small with three (then five…then finally seven) wonderfully appointed and spacious rooms. Staying small has allowed us to focus on the details and get it right for our guests! We also wanted to do things different and give people the option of complete privacy. We have been executing “no-contact” check-in and check-out since the day we opened! Even so, we have still been able to get to know many guests over the years that we can now call friends.

Each of our rooms, even our most economical room, Bill’s Room, has a quaint outdoor seating area where you can enjoy curbside takeout from the many wonderful restaurants around the County. If you get the Leaf Room or the Sea Chest Suite, you’ll even be able to enjoy your dinner with the sun setting over the Bay. And wondering what to do with those leftovers or the perishable items you’ve purchased while exploring the County? The answer to both  is: All of our rooms have refrigerators and microwaves for your convenience. The Sea Chest Suite even has a small kitchen with a convection oven and a two-burner stove (although our pots and pans are removed for the time being). 

Being a smaller establishment has come with its challenges over the years, but in finding the best way to operate around our “new normal,” we feel our small size is one of our greatest strengths. You should easily be able to keep your distance from not only us, but other guests as well. Most rooms have a private entrance, and our three rooms that share a landing, it is our experience that our guests rarely interact. With only seven rooms to tend to, we are prepared to continue our attention to detail while we clean and prepare our rooms for your visit. If you haven’t seen our earlier blog post on how we have responded to COVID-19, we’re going to take the opportunity to highlight a few temporary changes we’ve instituted to keep you and your family safer on your visit:

  • We will no longer be refreshing rooms daily, but we will be applying a discount to those nights to accommodate you for any inconvenience.
  • We are removing all flatware, glasses and plates from the rooms and are replacing them with a limited supply of paper and plastic products. 
  • Our cleaning staff will be wearing facemasks while preparing rooms.
  • All high-touch surfaces will be disinfected with EPA approved cleaners, this includes around the premises as well as when preparing rooms for your arrival.

For more information on how Door County and its many businesses are taking steps to ensure you can continue to safely enjoy the County we all know and love, please click this link. And if you’re new to the County, we have a pretty good feeling you’re going to love it like the rest of us, even with this “new normal.” Another great way to start when planning your trip is the Peninsula Pulse

As the season progresses, we’ll be sure to highlight some of our favorite places to eat, shop, and explore through this blog page and our Instagram account. If you aren’t already, you should follow us on Instagram (@lodgings_at_pioneer_lane)! We’re putting our best photographer hats on to share enticing photos from our day-to-day around the County! Please reach out via email ( should you have any questions.

In closing, as we adjust to our “new normal,” we ask for your compassion and patience as we navigate these murky waters. Thank you so much for visiting and we hope to see you (from a safe distance) this summer!

The Mulliken Family