Left: Ephraim dock is ready for winter; Middle: Colorful turkeys: Right: Holiday wreaths decorate an entrance to the Lodgings.

¶ The fall colors have turned from vivid reds and oranges to the muted shades of late fall—the promise of winter is in the air. This is the special slowing time of year that hints at the holidays to come. ¶ All of the shops in our little village —Church Street Market—are open for your late fall visit and all are walking distance from the Lodgings. ¶ In the morning, walk over to the Ephraim Coffee Lab for your first cup of coffee and plan for a second cup immediately—it is that good. ¶ A brisk morning walk along the waterfront will peak your appetite for a hearty breakfast or lunch at our Church Street Market neighbor, the Chef’s Hat. Or, stroll a few blocks to Czarnuszka to enjoy a bowl of soup. ¶ Be sure to save an evening for dinner at Trixies. You will savor the memory of this dining experience until you return to Ephraim. ¶ Once your appetite has been satisfied, turn your sights on PKJ Jewelers/Michael Beaster Functional Art Furniture, and K.B.Miller's for fine apparel. These shops offer the finest of wares. ¶ The rest of Ephraim may be tucked in for the winter, but we are not. Come visit and see for yourself! ¶

¶ Village restaurant and shop late fall hours: ¶ Ephraim Coffee Lab is is open Thursday through Monday; closed Tuesday and Wednesday. ¶ Chef's Hat is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for breakfast; closed Monday through Thursday. ¶ Czarnuszka is open Thursday through Monday; closed Tuesday and Wednesday. ¶ Trixie's is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Closed Sunday through Wednesday. Be sure to call ahead to Trixie's for a reservation.

Left Reading by the fire; Middle: Leaf Room Bedding; Right:Kitechette and whirlpool.

Enjoy the seasons at the Lodgings. The Lodgings at Pioneer Lane is nestled in the heart of Ephraim—Door County's most picturesque vacation destination—the perfect setting for a romantic getaway anytime of the year. Rooms and Rates

lodgingsatpioneerlane@gmail.com 800.588.3565 or 920.854.7656
9998 Pioneer Lane, Ephraim WI 54211


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